Raphe Wolfgang
Pronounced: Ray-F
Based in Los Angeles, California, USA


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Sometime in the 80's, under the unforgiving Arizona sun, I was practicing making movies. In my backyard I would gather the neighborhood kids and begin assembling scenes and trying to get them to look like what I watched in theaters and on TV. Later, I discovered the wonder of photography and capturing an image that can tell a story.

My passion for the image as a story device developed further while earning my B.F.A. in Media Arts from University of Arizona (Bear Down!). After receiving my degree, with a single dollar in my bank account and some cash from mom for gas, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a lifetime of creative endeavors.

Many twists and turns later I am fortunate enough to work in all aspects of film production. As a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, gaffer and various other crew positions, I am continually honing my craft, perfecting it as I go along.

I was recently the director of photography and editor for the Verizon go90  show "Oscar Mike." I have worked on various shows for OWN, Apple, Netflix, ABC, Lifetime and various independent film projects. In 2015 I earned a Prime Time Emmy Award for my contribution to the show "Emma Approved." "Of Teaching Killer Whales Compassion" a short film I produced and directed premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival, was awarded Best Narrative Short at the Garden State Film Festival, First Runner-Up at the Gig Harbor Film Festival, and received an Honorable Mention at the Rochester International Film Festival.

My goal is to always create GOOD content. Content that connects, evokes emotion and thought, and tells a story.  I truly believe that good content is created by people that not only know what they are doing, but care immensely about expanding their craft, exploring new ideas, and are fearless in their personal expression.